What We Do

The research team at Lightbox Analytics brings together experts in a diverse range of quantitative methods, and draws upon experience in both academic and applied research. This expertise allows us to take part in every stage of our clients’ projects, from the initial research design and data collection through the analysis and interpretation of results. Some of our previous accomplishments include:

Statistical and Survey Methodology

  • Creating algorithms for optimal sampling in heterogeneous populations
  • Modeling survey nonresponse to validate and improve sampling and weighting
  • Designing complex surveys using stratified samples and panel designs

Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets

  • Applying innovative machine learning algorithms for behavioral modeling in very large databases
  • Integrating survey, consumer, and voter file datasets for data mining and modeling
  • Developing tools for parallel computation of large-scale statistical models

Experimental Design and Analysis

  • Planning, implementing, and analyzing large-scale field experiments in California, Argentina, and Switzerland
  • Fielding online and by-phone survey experiments in the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections
  • Testing messages for persuasion and mobilization in a fast-turnaround political campaign

Behavioral Research

  • Collecting and analyzing biometric data over time from political survey respondents
  • Linking large-sample survey data with small-scale laboratory results to leverage the unique benefits of each
  • Analyzing the effects of social pressures on political opinions and attitudes through the experimental manipulation of group discussions

We also have experience in areas including predictive modeling, voting technology, applied econometrics, social network analysis, and more. And because we strive to stay on top of the latest innovations in research methods, our clients can be confident that our results are based on the most sophisticated and respected techniques available.